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When I wrote the comment on Gemmy's Track, I suddenly heard the Google Translator voice. That even seemed to fit somehow. So why not have an "audible comment" for once?


super cool:)+1
May 06 2019 04:27:42
Lenny Cowler
abuitremorem Thank you Lenny:D +1
Nice Add!!! René! I was thinking some voice of some kind could tie things to together!! Very Nice!!!!+1
May 06 2019 09:28:11
abuitremorem Thank you ! I was wondering if I could contribute something to this track. Then I came to the conclusion: I can not do that. When translating, I heard then the Google Voice +1
:D Super René :D sehr creative Idee, großartig umgesetzt! 👍👍 :W+1
May 06 2019 09:28:53
abuitremorem Danke Franky. Hier hatte mir der Zufall geholfen :D:D +1
May 06 2019 14:46:07
WOW.... so very Creative, Rene!!!!! Incredible!!!!!!! You are so in the groove with Gemmy!!!+1
May 07 2019 00:07:26
abuitremorem Thanks Dan. I first had to look on the web to see how the google voice can be transformed into an audio file. This resulted in a file which I decomposed individual samples. I ran a vocoder and guitar amp and a different delay. +0
Du zauberst mir ein Grinsen ins Gesicht! So cool René:D+1
May 07 2019 00:02:44
abuitremorem Danke Peter. Ich hatte wirklich keine Ahnung, was man zum Track von Gemmy spielen könnte. Für einmal half der Zufall :D +1
haha thats really a cool idea Rene well done...;););)+1
May 07 2019 00:01:16
abuitremorem Thanks Nils - Google helped:D +1
very cool rene!!:W+1
May 07 2019 00:00:11
Major 3rd
abuitremorem Thank you Craig :D +0
Coolio abu! I like this :W:)+1
May 06 2019 23:59:52
abuitremorem Thank you Deezee :D +1
Super job, Rene.. this is very very cool :W<3+1
May 08 2019 02:48:25
abuitremorem Thank you Don. I hope you are well :) +0

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