Before The Fall

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United States
Drums & Guitar:
mwellborn1 jams
step I
United States
KMstar1756 jams
United States
Vocals & Guitar:
Major 3rd642 jams
step III
Mixer & Guitar:
Keiton1146 jams
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Thanks Craig, Ken. and mwellborn so much. I tried because Craig didn't play solo. I used Les Paul and Amp Sim's Slash presets. Added a limiter to the overall sound. I wanted to increase the power a little for this track.
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my old friend Matt Wellborn would have enjoyed hearing this. Thanks Keiton and Craig for joining in and making this a great rock song. Matt was one of the people that showed me enough on a guitar to make me interested in learning it too and was a great friend that had to move away due to his fathers work. 30 plus yeas went by and we reconnected on facebook and I talked him into joining wikiloops. he uploaded this template for me to add something and we were hoping to work on more but sadly an illness he had fought for a long time caught him and everyone by surprise one night a few weeks after I added the bass to this, he passed away. I think he would have loved the way this song turned out <3 :W+1
May 14 2019 01:01:27
Keiton I'm sorry about him. I didn't know that when I was involved in this song. I was aware that his number of uploads was only one. I am honored to be part of his only track here. He already listened to my guitar solo. And I really want him to smile. Ken, thank you for telling me something about him. I will save this song with care <3 +1
well this rocks kei :) and well done all too+2
great playing Keiton...;););)+1
Freakin' KILLER !!!!+1

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