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In time for Blues Tuesday???? Gosh I love playing this stuff with Frenzie. I've been working my ass off with harvest and haven't had time to do anything else. Will be back soon...miss all of you.


so nice to listen to :W:)!!!! cool stuff, Wade :)+2
May 15 2019 22:19:42
Wade So good to have you giving a listen to this. Glad yo like. Thanks jjdf +0
Your sax sound has the property of striking at the center of emotions, then when it comes to Blues even more! Like the Moon you dominate the tides of your sound! Nice to be able to listen again!+2
May 15 2019 22:20:53
Wade As always your so kind with your comments. At this pace I can keep up! Thanks again Stef. +0
was that the fig harvest blues ? nice and moody and a silky sax :)+1
May 15 2019 22:22:06
Wade Yea, just winding up now. Was a horrible season...lots of figs difficult market, so had to process everything. Some awful 14 hour days in there. +1
You sound great Wade!!:):) gotta love this!:):)+1
May 15 2019 22:22:57
Wade All once again due to your fine template. You make it easy!!! Thanks Frenzie. +1
agree with Tom here Wade...;););)+1
May 15 2019 22:24:05
Wade I'm honored by another king of the blues having a listen. Thanks Nils. Will you have some time available in late August when I'm in Norway? +1
May 15 2019 22:26:14
slin i dont know but i tell you... +0
Hi Wade!! Big relax. Love it. <3+1
we miss you too Wade, but this silky smooth sweet sound is a real treat :) and goes so well with Frenzie's bluesy guitar :)+1
May 15 2019 22:28:00
Wade So glad I could drop this in. Actually recorded and edited a long while ago. Too many piling up and thought Tuesday...yea, post one of those blues tracks. Will be back up to speed soon. Always so kind of you to give a listen. Thanks Shi. +1
May 15 2019 22:31:50
Shi no problem, thanks for sharing it with us :) +1
blues at its best ;)+1
May 15 2019 22:28:56
CI Section
Wade All credit to Frenzie. So easy to hang out at this pace. Glad you liked CI...thanks! +0
Yeah :Y

It's so kind your playing <3

Welcome back! :)
May 15 2019 22:29:25
Wade Best compliment is that you liked it enough to join in. Thanks to you! +1

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