All The Years

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United States
acoustic Guitar & Mixer:
bluvation274 jams
step I
United States
Vocals & Drums:
solozolo808 jams
no additional instruments available so far
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Nice lyrics and vocal Michael :W<3+1
May 17 2019 04:07:43
solozolo Thank u :W +0
nice song:)👍+2
May 17 2019 04:07:59
solozolo Thanks Mike:W +1
sweet lyrics and vocals there solozolo :) nice template from blu as well :)+2
May 17 2019 04:08:24
solozolo Thanks Shi :) +1
Now the roses have grown
And when I look at you so have you
I take everyday
And just stand back and watched them grow
Now that I am old
I have watched them grow through the years
The roses come back every year
But you my dear just keep on growing
Throughout the years
And as I sit here in my chair
I just sit and stare
Sit and stare with memories
Memories of you in my head
But for years I watch you grow
Ah how you have grown through the year
The roses grow once a year
But you you’ve grown throughout all of the years
And now that I am old I just sit in my chair……..And stare
Oh how time goes by by so fast
Just seem like yesterday……….When our paths cross
But the rose grows once a year
And you seem to grow through all the years
And now that I am old i just sit and stare
With memories of you
Going round and round in my mind
I watch you grow through the years
But that all past us now
I just sit here in my chair and stare oh stare

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