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Hope you like...Thanks for listening... Like an image through a misted glass. I turn the pages of my faded past.Innocents was the key. It was serenity, we can never be that way again...What became of our hopes and dreams? Hopes and dreams... A flower that's been pressed between the pages. Of a story that will never unfold...Forever is a day in the life of a butterfly, we are just the dreams that we've made...
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Classic Rock Unplugged


great voice and song:)+0
Nice job man!+0
Very nice vocals. :)+0
:o so good!+0
Great to hear you singing again.+0
Awesome!! Fantastic singing AC !! :) <3+0
Major 3rd
here I thought you were a dude...or are you using a vocal effect? :o anyways.:D. totally awesome vocals....absolutely great singing and lyrics...:W:W+1
May 20 2019 03:30:34
Major 3rd
Acousticeg I thought I might get some grief for singing like that. I assure you that I am positively a dude! There are no vocal effects except for a little reverb. I don't always use the same sound on my guitars and like wise with vocals. I was going for a classic 70's sound. Something similar to Styx Man of Miracles album. Check out this song to hear what I mean. +1
May 20 2019 23:47:03
Major 3rd
LittleWing Reminds me of Kansas. BTW- The current singer of Kansas , Ronnie Platt, is an old mate from the Chicago music scene. He was doing Kansas , Styx and REO covers, Kansas heard him and when the original singer had throat troubles, he personally picked Ronnie to replace him. I know exactly the sound you were going for having played the Styx, REO, Kansas thing.Listening to you, immediatley reminded me of my time in a band with Ronnie.Awesome vocals. +1
June 11 2019 22:25:25
Major 3rd
Acousticeg Steve Walsh is my favorite vocalist. When covering Kansas I would did his vocals. We both had the same range. I can still hit most of those high notes.;) +2
Very very cool:D:D:D+1
Wow awesome!!I have to say it once again that I love your voice<3<3<3:)+1
May 20 2019 03:31:35
Acousticeg <3 +0

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