Boring in the Hospital Blues

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This is an "old Green Blues " dedicated to Frankyguitar,getting better soon my friend !! Maybe could be useful to someone...94 bpm or something like that, sorry for unstable beat ,I added some vitrola effect .No click. HD with no vitrola effect .


:Y:Y exquisito,Yeah!!!!:W:W Hay que limpiar la aguja del tocata de vez en cuando,je,je,je!!!! o mejor pasar la mopa repelente de polvo , empolvados y derivados :D:D+3
May 19 2019 01:03:06
GreenDog :D:D:D Hacía años q no lo usaba , está lleno mierda,un poco de Pronto y adiós polvo :D:D +3
May 19 2019 14:55:11
ivax :D:D +1
:W thank yu:o Ewin :D Wonderful blues my friend, sounds great and gives me a big smile :) :) :)+2
May 19 2019 17:41:01
GreenDog That's what I was looking for !! Very glad you like it :) +1
Muy buena Ewin!! ;):W+1
May 18 2019 23:29:06
GreenDog Gracias Hugo, un pekeño detalle en forma de Blues con un Looper q está askeado en un hospital ,una manera de mandar buena vibra . +1
Cool vibes! :D+1
tis is very nice!!! :W:D+1
May 19 2019 01:44:19
GreenDog Muito obrigado J!! Glad you like it !!:D:) +2
Buenazo tema!!!+1
Cool Blues, cool sound !+1
May 19 2019 17:41:30
GreenDog Thanks a bunch!! +0
Very swinging and cool blues!!!! Excellent my friend!!!!+1

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