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From my archive for anyone who might be inspired to solo over. Thanks for listening...
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Ambient Electronic


Sound track cinema sound! the movie is missing only !! ;)+2
May 19 2019 23:18:23
Acousticeg ;) +1
May 20 2019 00:04:56
SupJax All you need is - your mind :). And some instruments:@ I still have a harmonica somehwere on a shelf. Never used. +1
Wonderful, Very good Rick!! <3:D+1
Reminds me of some keys I was using for cheap epic Nintendo sounds, so it's good haha. The structure is very nice, we have a lot electronic backings, it's always fun to explore these ones. Nice jam
Ok the fade-out is a little long. It's disturbing, looping back manually every single time :D
May 20 2019 03:08:18
Acousticeg lol! yes a bit cheesey like old Nintendo sounds.But I did warn that it was from my archive. So it is a very dated track. I thought someone still might like to jam over it. Sorry for the disturbing long fade.:P +1
May 21 2019 20:49:26
SupJax Nah, any old Nintendo vibes is good, that's why we gotta support. And, anyone can do, but nobody does actually so we have some fun here, I always appreciate +0
:oFantastic rick:o+1
Really nice and impressive one, Rick! Love it! :)+1
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:D fantastic AC,Wonderful,mi amigo <3+1
This is some excellent electronic music!! Sounds great AC. :) <3+1
This is really cool!+1
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