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Tried some sounds with percussive effects. I played it on a 179 click and every movement of my fingers started the percussive groove so i had to time it everytime.....hope i stayed in the 179.... Maybe fun for a change too... Marc


May 28 2019 09:57:43
Marceys :Y +0
Good track Marceys! Nice and cool sound and melody <3+2
May 28 2019 09:58:07
Marceys Bouncing track :) +1
So good to hear you exploring these possibilities. Very musical with a strong presence and feel (even with the volume level low!) .+2
May 28 2019 09:59:18
Marceys Sorry bout that level thing,.... pump it up in a remix! :)
Enjoy the explorations of the Kronos. :)
like the mood on this one Marc :)+2
May 28 2019 10:00:12
Marceys Glad to hear that Shi! Was a cool ride and trying to stay within the timing of the click! :) +1
Very cool...especially with headphones :W+2
May 28 2019 10:00:52
Marceys The panning effect makes it wider. Headphones are the best for that indeed! :) +1
Ah yes!!+2
May 28 2019 10:01:13
Marceys New things to come :) +0
Very good, as usual!:)+2
May 28 2019 10:01:56
Marceys Thanks a lot, enjoy this kinda playing too! :) +1
Oh wow exceptional cool Marc, thinking hard on this one<3:W+2
May 29 2019 16:20:43
Marceys Don’t think, just feel and hit it! :) +1
May 29 2019 20:16:42
PJE OK you are right and well...you asked for it:W +1
This was very cool and a bit different .. I loved it!! Thanks Marc! :W+2
May 29 2019 21:15:39
Marceys Glad you liked it Ernie! I like to do some experimenting with these sounds. A very different way of playing but great fun to do....hit the Rhodes preset after this one of course.... :) +1
No Way, Awesome, I rated it as Fun! Then Read the read the rest of description :D

Gonna add some drums to it, might need make a slight adjustment on my kit. And yeah, should be good :D
May 29 2019 21:17:41
Marceys Great to hear that Joe! The timing of the keys was the hardest thing here.... had a click on my headphones but the sounds are making these repetive sounds and every jump on my keys made them move.. had to be carefull and sometimes play just ahead of the timing to keep it within the timing.. hahahaha.. huh?


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