The other dimension of empty

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A very different track from Frenzie. Really enjoyed working with this. This track is part of the “vault” of tracks that have been sitting around. I’m out going to be of communication in Vanuatu for three weeks. May as well clean them out as I’ll be playing with sharks and live volcanoes...who knows? Ignore or enjoy these, have fun, and there’s many more located with those doppelganger members. Still another 40 ...


Great!! Talking bout surprises!!:):) thnx bro!:):)+1
May 29 2019 22:35:23
Wade Totally inspired by your fine track. Thanks to you! +1
So wonderful and and full of peace! Joy for the ears!+1
May 29 2019 22:36:36
Wade Thanks Stef. It's something very different from Frenzie and I was attracted to the melodic possibilities. So glad you like. +0
Such a calm feeling like I saw in lot of films scenes after a war or a epic battle. That's why I pushed the Movie Music button!+1
May 29 2019 22:38:00
Wade You get this so well. Peaceful, but not entirely happy. Thanks magirtiko. +1
This is just beautiful! <3 Downloaded! <3+1
May 29 2019 23:05:06
Wade Thanks Egil. Hope to hear it soon, otherwise will not hear it for quite a while. +1
May 29 2019 23:09:18
eGiL Oh? Are you going off the grid? :O +1
May 30 2019 00:10:45
Wade Yes, will be in Vanuatu for three weeks from this Friday night (your time). +1

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