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I was 7 when I saw a piano at my school for the first time and the desire to press on those keys was too strong...too strong. Then my teacher told my mother that I was so attracted to music and my Mother, with enormous sacrifices, made me take piano lessons ... I can never repay her for it. This piece is a little this story, the story of a child who sees a piano for the first time and ...


bellissima composizione Stef, mi ha commosso <3+1
June 04 2019 20:39:13
Stef Grazie 1000 Onorium! :) +1
Heartfelt story... this is very unique and wonderful. Bravo Stef :W+1
June 01 2019 16:53:12
Stef Thank you so much Bruce! :) +1
WOW thats a awesome dedication to your mother Stef,i got tears in my eyes when i listen to this,and a awesome composition you did here BRAVO...<3<3<3+1
May 30 2019 19:35:02
Stef Thank you so much dear Nils!! :) :) +1
So beautiful, Stef! :) :) :W <3+1
May 30 2019 19:34:29
Stef Thank you so much Hartmut! :) :) +1
Your creative juices spike so high with your appreciation to your Wonderful mother!!! I interpret your statement "music remains until the last day, because music has no time ...." meaning it is is so much apart of "you" and so much more your "passion" than even you're closest loved one even realize.... I say this because that is how I feel...when I am alone in my thoughts or when I play.. I feel so emotional about playing music, makes me Love the world a little more. This is a Beautiful composition, Stef.... Wikiloops Classic my friend!!!+1
May 30 2019 19:34:11
Stef Always wonderful to read your words dear Dan! The music will always be with you and inside you! :) +0
every note tells a story. When I get to heaven, the first thing I want to do is thank your mom. Just killer !!!+1
May 30 2019 19:32:27
Stef My dear Tom, thank you so much!! :) +1
I can just see it all in my minds eye this beautiful story Stef. I'm sure your dear Mother will be looking down from heaven on her son smiling with pride...... Beautiful tribute...... Stunning work! <3<3<3 My daughter Sarah is learning the piano. And I always encourage her. She is so eager to learn. She now has a piano teacher I'm not very good on the piano. except a few chords and my own made up melodies. She is also learning music theory.:)+1
May 30 2019 19:31:38
Stef Dear Dorothy, my Mom has many health problems but she is still here and for me it is a joy every time I can give her a smile. Best wishes to Sarah because the love for music of any genre is a great gift! Thank you so much!! <3 +0
Lenny Cowler
very pleasant:)+1
May 30 2019 19:26:19
Lenny Cowler
Stef Thank you so much Lenny! :) +1
beautiful story of life and beautiful melody, very emotional, I imagined your mother taking your hand taking you piano lessons and in the string section already playing like a teenager, the music is magic and as you say you, the music does not have time, endures forever, I love this job, friend, stef<3<3+2
May 30 2019 19:26:07
Stef Thank you so much for these beautiful words Julio! :) +1
What a beautiful story and composition. Music has no time ...Great truth !! Bravo Stef !! :)+1
May 30 2019 19:25:15
Stef Muchas gracias dear Ewin! :) +1
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