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This was harder as it sounds i suppose.... the sounds got these percussive thingies in it again and it was pretty hard to keep it in timing with the click on my headset..... Tried to keep it as clean as possible although it was very tempting to add, piano, rhodes, synth solo etc.... I leave that stuff to you glorious musicians out there! :) Hope it is fun to join, cheers, Marc ps. hope my left hand isn't too loud and there is still room for ...


Sweet '80s FM-style tones going on here and totally swing 16th-tastic, Marc! Hearing a kind of Al Jarreau/Jean Michel Jarre crossover going on here!

Bookmarked! :)
May 30 2019 07:42:55
Marceys Great to hear that Martin! Tried to give the static kinda sound of Michel Jarre some swing groove to it. +0
November 24 2019 18:00:35
wjl I heard Al Jarreau as well :) +1
Nice one Marc+1
May 29 2019 22:50:13
Marceys Thanks a lot! Had fun trying this! :) +0
Great vibes man.:) Well done, floating and inspiring.+1
May 29 2019 22:51:10
Marceys Thanks a lot! I have heard you doing this kind of playing in a very cool way! I wanted to try it also! :) +0
Doesn't sound easy to me. Just up and fun! Good one.+1
May 30 2019 07:40:19
Marceys I mostly stay away from sounds like these, my preference is Rhodes and piano but i have to say it was great to play this! :) +1
May 30 2019 07:43:15
Marceys :Y:W +0
nice swing buddy ! and unexpected sounds from you hehe ... ain't that good once in a while ? :)+1
May 30 2019 10:47:06
Marceys Glad you like the swing OliVBee! Good for a change indeed! :) +1
Just listened what Martin did on your exploration episode!!!’+1
May 31 2019 07:07:19
Marceys He did a great drumming again! +0
Cool synth sounds once again amigo!! Nice stuff Marc! :W+1
May 31 2019 07:08:01
Marceys Thanks a lot, glad you like this kinda thing too.... :) +1
Wonderful Template Marceys ;):W+1
June 01 2019 09:06:42
Marceys Thanks a lot! :) +1
Nice one Marc<3+1
June 01 2019 21:30:32
Marceys Thanks a lot! Enjoyed it and it is working out real cool too! :) +1

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