Jazzing with the light fantastics

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nice and silky sax ... i like how close you sound :)+2
Nice and tasteful playing as usual!+2
this sounds VERY smooth + for a sec i thought you were playing in my living room !! ;)
playing like this, you're welcome to visit ANYTIME !!
March 18 2014 23:27:50
Wade Have you made up the spare bed? +1
March 19 2014 00:23:12
nuno1959 spare bed ? what are you talking about ?
i only have one bedroom so that one for you & i'll sleep in the dog's house outside !! ;)
as long as you promise to bring your saxophone & inspiration so we can jam, it's ALL GOOD !! :D
March 19 2014 04:06:17
Wade Am considering making up traveling case for the sopranino (squeaky toy) that can fit into a suitcase or go as hand luggage. Next post is the sopranino. Maybe you will withdraw the invite when you hear it. +0
March 19 2014 05:03:13
nuno1959 please keep in mind i bought a kazoo a while ago & LOVE to play it in the MOST OBNOXIOUS manner possible so….if you think i scare easy…..you got another thing coming !! ;)
i even process it via my Zoom B3 bass effects unit - now THAT sounds REALLY weird ! :D
March 19 2014 07:25:39
Wade OK, you win. Contrakazoo is even too weird for me. +1
March 20 2014 00:07:16
nuno1959 & let that be a lesson : DON'T mess with the KazooMan !! :D :D +0
Right on.+2
Beautiful!!! Wonderful phrasing! Perfect tone and so expressive! I love it. :)+2
As good as good wine...+1
Just great track, you all!+1
Nice add to a nice track!:)+1
Nice one Wade. Love that thing at 2:22 Sweet:)
Sitting here thinking how could I reproduce that on the guitar.

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