The Scars will Heal

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Thank you for the very beautiful guitar template Offocus :) I'm not very well at the moment so my add might be a bit under par like me. It sounds ok to my ears.


Wonderful Music and your Wonderful add Dorothy ;)<3:W+2
June 01 2019 00:49:40
deezee Thank you Charli:)<3:) +0
Nice ad Dorothy...hope you get to feeling better:|+2
June 01 2019 00:48:48
deezee Thank you Mark I'm feeling much better today<3 +1
Keeping your chin up with this one Dorothy :W feelling even better soon i hope:)+1
June 01 2019 00:47:37
deezee Thank you PJE:)<3 +1
a wonderful add Dorothy hope you get well soon...;)<3;)+1
June 01 2019 00:47:01
deezee Thank you Nils:)<3:) +1
June 01 2019 00:46:15
deezee Thanks Tu:) +0
Beautiful ad Dorothy. I hope you get well soon<3<3:)+1
June 01 2019 00:45:24
deezee Thank you abu:)<3 feeling much better today:) +1
Lovely composition, Deezee! :)+1
June 01 2019 00:44:20
deezee Thank you Hartmut:) +1
Sorry you don't feel well. Many do their best work when a bit off and this proves it. Well done Dee :)+1
June 01 2019 16:24:27
deezee Thank you Psycho.:) Very kind of you to say so. I had a bit of a health scare, but thankfully some very minor surgery up my nose ouch :| fixed it. I'm feeling much better now.:D +1
Lovely composition and playing, Dorothy!!! So very glad to hear you are feeling better!!!+1
June 01 2019 22:04:10
deezee Thank you Dan so am I :) +0
Ohh.. Deezee .. didn√Ąt I reply to this ? Maybe something technial happened?? I heard it and I again listen to it and I like it very much!!! The guitar thing was a bit .. ehh .. very traditional?? .. And you give a cool touch to it! This is so cool, Doro!! Thank you so much for joining in here!!+1
June 06 2019 00:11:56
deezee Thank you Pat !<3 No problem my Friend, Still think I could have done better job :| +0

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