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A rather more quirky track from the prolific GlezBass. Tenor added. So good to once again be on a track with Mario. This track is part of the “vault” of tracks that have been sitting around. I’m going to be out of communication in Vanuatu for three weeks. May as well clean them out as I’ll be playing with sharks and live volcanoes...who knows? Ignore or enjoy these, have fun, and there’s many ...


Cool one Wade <3 really good :)+2
May 30 2019 23:15:47
Wade So kind of you to give a listen and comment. Thanks! +1
Gosh, it's so good to hear the Wade sound again. Such a mellow, floating on the air delivery. Mario's track is so inviting - glad you accepted. 2:32 - one of many cool little patterns. 3:14 - love those lazy climbs. Gorgeous low tones, and stellar sustains. I'm gonna have to give you an E+ for Effortless. <3 Wonderful teamwork!+2
May 30 2019 23:13:35
Wade So kind of you sis. Mario's changes do take a bit of "paying attention". So glad that it sounds "effortless". That's a REAL compliment. Too often if something sounds difficult it's not comfortable for a listener. Thanks again! +1
Qualty as ever my friend:W+1
May 30 2019 23:14:29
Wade So kind of you to give a listen! Cheers PJE. +1
Wow Wade!! wonderful jam with the sax, always great ideas and lines... thumbs!+1
May 30 2019 23:09:28
Wade I guess I've been holding on to a whole lot of your tracks. Glad to be bringing them back to you and that you like them. Thanks again to you as the inspiration. +1
You shouldn't hide these away. I love this track and could leave it playing over and over !!+1
July 03 2019 23:48:07
Wade Cheers Bruce. They just pile up. You should see the pile up of unedited tracks! I hate editing. I think there's around 60 of them now. +1
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