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Thanks for listening! Aria Pro 2 Guitar
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impromptu Jazz Rock Fusion


Hey TP hope you're listening.... I didn't think you liked this brand of music....but I sure do! GREAT PLAY BY ALL!!!!!:D+1
May 31 2019 22:22:03
Acousticeg There was a time when I didn't like this kind of music. But it was only because I was young naive and had only been exposed to Country and Rock music. My eyes and ears were opened from the first time I heard Brand X Al Di Meola and Holdsworth. Now I listen to and am inspired by many genres and other instruments as well. Thanks for listening Gemmy! +1
June 01 2019 02:54:34
Leftdaloops1019 I thought you were talking to the spirit world and talking to Tom Petty the famous guy!:D +1
awsone :W+1
That is a great play! Very powerfull, yellow section is a great wide sound too!+1
I love how you have this cool imterplay with KaiPlan throughout the track. Music IS magic, and you my friend are quite the magician!+1
June 02 2019 21:31:31
Acousticeg Interplay is the heartbeat of creative improvisation. Something that I feel isn't happening in most bands now. But is very much a part of some of the super groups of the past. And a few of the ones still around today. The interplay here is mostly due to the remixing I did. I t feels awesome to exchange lines with others when it's for the sake of inspiration and Not for ego. Thank you for listening!;) +1
wow, a great job of yours!:W+1
WOW, Great playing my friend!!!+1
Sounds great Rick! :W+1
December 28 2019 01:56:48
Acousticeg Thanks!:D +1
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