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When I first jammed this tune I said... I got words for that!!! First song I have written in 25 years... for my wife... she hated it... I'm such a douche.
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love song, Zappa, sorry babe, douche


Hi man! Thanks for join us and welcome to Wiki :)+2
June 01 2019 14:57:26
TheRealMonkeyboy I really dig your guitar track... I Iike your style +1
this sounds cool :) nice bass and vocal additions there MB, rocking track guys :)+2
rocking song :) watch your levels !! welcome to wikiloops !+2
I like it, interesting lyrics too.:D One thing though, when the vocals came in I had to hit the volume control, was a bit loud. Rocking bass line and welcome to the Loops!!!!+1
June 03 2019 13:55:11
TheRealMonkeyboy First time recording vocals... there is much to learn... Thanks for the advice. +1
June 03 2019 16:30:09
Bothen Heh, I am the guy that uploaded air drums when I first came aboard. Still the best track I ever put out. Not a single mistake on it!!!:o:@:D +2
Rock and roll....welcome to the loops:W+0
Welcome to the Loops from another Zappa fan! I am also a qualified fool and responsible for any mishap whatsover in a radius of 50 km from my house :D Cool guitar, and love the vocals/lyrics :W Rock on!+0
Very good!!:):W+0
July 02 2019 20:47:59
TheRealMonkeyboy Thanks... first time recording vocals... +1

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