I feel so lonesome in my saddle...

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Here is a sad and funny song about someone who loses his horse, it's a fantastic guitar by Joao, so I thank you so much for this my good wiki friend Joao, hope you like my contribution here. Need bass and drums or something else. slin ...
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This is kinda awesome. If I could country, I'd totally country along with you. "Somebody killed my horse!" HA!+2
June 03 2019 18:23:05
slin thanks so much for that gmr... +1
Great job Nils !! sad and funny as you said .Nice choirs arrangements too ;)+2
June 03 2019 18:23:27
slin thanks so much for that Ewin... +1
:D fantastic Nils+2
June 03 2019 18:23:43
slin thanks so much for that Xavi... +1
Awesome Nils!:D<3:)+2
June 03 2019 18:24:00
slin thanks so much for that Dorothy... +1
This was a fun one Nils. Nothing like jamming to a Norwegians country western song. Excellent work!!!:W:)+2
June 03 2019 18:24:47
slin thanks so much for that Ron and the fantastic drum add... +0
Don't do it bro!! haha .. great song Nils ... <3 it!! :D:W:W+2
June 03 2019 18:25:25
slin haha thanks so much for that Ernie... +1
June 03 2019 18:25:44
Lenny Cowler
slin thanks so much for that Lenny... +1
Hello you horse lover ... very well done Nils ... I have a picture for you<3:W see peatric Gallery+2
June 03 2019 18:26:28
slin thanks so much frothat Rolf yeah i have seen the picture is you... +1
<3<3<3 super Nils - sounds fantastic :):):)+1
June 02 2019 19:49:04
slin thanks s much for that Rene... +0
It's great story, my friend!!... the end is sad, yeah!!! I like a lot!!! Nils, you are a super songwriter my friend !!! :W<3+1
June 02 2019 19:51:31
slin oh thanks so much for that Joao my good wiki friend,i have been listening to all your track and i find some i will work with...<3 +1
June 02 2019 19:54:49
jjdf I do appreciate a lot you spend your time listening to my tracks, I'm honored, 🙏🙏🙏 my friend!!! You are so kind...:W:D <3 +1
June 02 2019 19:57:42
slin oh thanks but you are a fantastic guitar player Joao... +0

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