In the land of deliverance!

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Inspired my GemmyF's mashup I found Melinos's drums from #127790 and grabbed Philgox's banjo from #161169 :O


a cool song well delivered eGil nice idea to add those tracks from Melinos and Philgox to your bass there:)+1
was there drums in the deliverance tune ...hummm....I just remember a crossbow+1
June 03 2019 22:22:27
Leftdaloops1019 [img][/img] +1
Excellent template my friend :W+1
I was a bit ashamed of my banjo solo track but I love the way you made it sound.
Thank you! :)
June 04 2019 16:29:27
eGiL The banjo is really cool, and you always ended up back on the beat ;) Was fun to mix in the drums and add a bit of bass :) +0
Hi eGiL, you did a fantastic job in this jam. It is amazing how bases born for different tracks can be joined together. Good boy! See you soon my friend.:)+1
June 04 2019 16:28:14
eGiL I mixed the banjo and drums first, then added bass :) Was a fun one :) +0
a fantastic work and bass line Egil...;););)+1

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