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Here is a Bluesy Jazz swing with my good wiki friend Joao on Blues Tuesday, with me on vocal with a slightly rowdy rum and cola voice,I have arranged it with horns,piano and vibraphone.It is about a Jazz woman I met in Bairo Alto in a small jazz club there,when I lived in Lisboa early in the 2000s .She`s very strange haha.Has made the second solo part a little longer, so I hope you forgive me Joao, and thank you ...
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Jazz Blues Swing.


Superb Nils-as always my friend-really cool<3:W<3
June 04 2019 19:48:57
slin thanks so much for that Keith... +1
Yeah!!...I'm tapping my foot, man:W!!! great swing & great arrangements! another great story and vocals, Nils :W !! you're on fire!!! :W:D glad you had fun doing this and many thanks for joining me ... so good!!!+1
June 04 2019 19:50:25
slin thanks so much for that Joao,i hope you or someone else hop on a do a solo,i`m happy you like it...<3 +1
awesome vocals Nils!:)<3:)+1
June 04 2019 19:50:44
slin thanks so much for that Dorothy... +0
Wonderful swing moment with Joao and your amazing voice Nils! Superb sound! :) :)+1
June 05 2019 01:19:06
slin thanks so much for that Stef... +1
A fine performance here Nils 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟+1
June 05 2019 01:19:36
slin thanks so much for that Tu... +0
Fantastic arrangements and an excellent work on vocals as usual Nils !! :W:Y;)+1
June 05 2019 14:47:02
slin thanks so much for that Ewin... +1
Again I admire a great ad by Dir Nils. It sounds fantastic:):):)+1
June 05 2019 14:28:50
slin thanks so much for that Rene... +0
Very cool horn arrangement, Nils!!!! Love your singing my friend!!!+1
June 05 2019 15:01:36
slin thanks so much for that Dan,could need some solo... +0
Ha!! So cool, Nils .. I love your singing!!+1
June 06 2019 15:30:37
slin oh thanks so much for that Patrik... +0
Yeah! Really very nice :D+1
June 06 2019 15:31:16
slin thanks so much for that magirtiko... +1

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