Blind Look (Unplugged TeleJazzter)

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"Unplugged" version really refers to a guitar connected to a simple jazz amplifier with the typical guitar tone with muted tones and some reverb. "TeleJazzter" is the jazzy sound that can be achieved with a "rock & blues" guitar like a Telecaster. I have reviewed a bit the guitar electronic that made some noise and change the volume and tone potentiometers for a CTS brand 250k (very good quality) GUITAR: Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster with Daddario strings 012-052 caliber touch on ...
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TeleJazzter sound


excellent composition Mario, very pleasant chord suite ;)+1
June 05 2019 01:11:13
GlezBass thanks so much Jean Paul, glad you like it! :) +0
very cool:)+1
June 05 2019 07:08:46
Lenny Cowler
GlezBass thanks Lenny ! +0
June 05 2019 07:09:05
GlezBass many thanks Rick! :) +0
Buenísima Mario. Pareces Joe Pass :)+1
June 05 2019 20:42:05
Andri [youtube]lMNlLbRrZc0[/youtube] +0
June 05 2019 20:43:33
GlezBass jajaja gracias amigo! ya quisiera yo! ese tipo de tono y estilo de musica es la que mas me mola en los tonos de guitarra pa 140 +cuerdas+potes suena genial y me divierto un rato. Pero el Korg tiene que ver en la emulacion del ampli ;) +1
June 05 2019 20:45:38
Andri Suena fantástiquisimo! Vaya palabreja B) +1
June 05 2019 20:49:29
GlezBass jo con el Joe Pass, a quien no le gusta ese rollo jazzy! +1
June 05 2019 20:51:10
Andri Viste la gracia que hace con la guitarra.1.16... que cab... el dominio Bro ! +1
June 05 2019 20:54:17
GlezBass es que la guitarra le suena bien solo pulsando la cuerda en el mastil sobre el diapason...q tio! +0
June 06 2019 14:55:39
GlezBass Thanks Ray! +0
Full body lovely jazzy sound. I agree with Andri nice Joe Pass sound.+1
June 06 2019 21:18:01
GlezBass thanks for your interesting feedback as an excellent guitarist as you, this type of tone is the one that interests me most in the play guitar, I still have a lot to learn but I enjoy playing some jazz at my basic level ;) :) +1
June 06 2019 21:45:19
FrankieJ It is cool you get such a deep jazzy sound from the tele. I always used the tele with country genre. Twangy sound:)
You might be interested to check out some of Brent Mason works on youtube. Mostly country but he also play some jazz with the tele.
Lovely sound, Mario!!!! Nice touch and cool guitar lines!!!!+1
June 08 2019 18:58:13
GlezBass thanks Dan! +0
Espectacular Mario, me hizo acordar al gran Pedro Bellora!:W [youtube]KlrFKLsUWa8[/youtube]+1
July 03 2020 22:53:20
GlezBass Celebro que te guste! Es curioso como una Telecaster puede sonar tan jazzy jeje, investigue por internet y esas modificaciones ayudan a obtener ese tono tan caracteristico, pero claro si no juegas bien los dedos no suena jazzy. Yo soy un muy muy amateur guitarrista frustado jeje +1
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