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F..k up ur mind…..*6
Now if you got a dollar you can hit the streets
You can find some shit
Just walking all night in the street
For a dollar they make u howler
Now that she left
She’s f..k up f..k up your world yeah

Love love can burn you
Are destroy …Ah destroy you

Don’t even give it a second thought6
Just go out on the street
Spend that lucky dollar dollar that u have…..She’ll make u howler
Now that she’s gone she f..k up
Because love love love love love can destroy destroy you

She got up one day and pack up all her things
Walked out the door and slam it real hard
Now u sit there by yourself wondering what you did
She’s got you but love love got u all all all f..k up
She’s f..king with your mind
Like a lost lost train
Just chugging out of time
Just take that lonesome dollar that lonesome dollar that you have
Hit the streets and find u something
Love love love love can f..k up ur mind….
Straight`n heavy :)+1
haha cool song.:W This guy should save 19 more dollars and buy a guitar. Guitarist get all the girls. at least back in the day they did.+1
June 08 2019 14:14:05
solozolo He saving the nineteen to for his bag ..lol +1

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