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Greetings again people of Wikiloops, I am passing by once again looking for some fellow travelers on this template. Please come with me on a journey...Peace, Dr. Whom
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Space and Time


cool ! creative template :) welcome to wikiloops !+1
Great electronic music Doc ! I'm in :)+1
Great and creative template! Welcome! :)+1
Oh man, I’m so sorry I didn’t pick your original title.

Where do I start with this? Gorgeous analogue tones, experimental as the title you gave it deserves.

My father loved to experiment with electronic music in the ‘70s to the extent of helping design and build home-made synthesisers. He helped with the creation of the Minisonic synthesiser. I spent many days of my youth wandering into his music room finding tape loops wrapped around anything and everywhere!

This conjures up all those joyous memories for me. Sadly I can only give you one thumb.
super stuff :-)+1
cool to hear a new one from you Dr Whom :)I like the change of mood in the middle section and at the end :)+1
Right up my street. Love this!<3:W Dr Whom<3+1
:D Great amigo :)+1
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