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My most faithful & best friend Jazmin (Our beautiful Parson Jack Russel) has reached the grand old age of 18 Years Old this June! Intelligent, Bold, Obedient, Energetic, Eager, Happy, Brave and so much more The last 2 days have seen her rapidly declining and very soon I may have to make the incredibly hard decision to let her I am playing this for her with my tears, prayers and thanks for everything she has meant and been to me, ...


A hard time for you and beautiful music for your darling<3+2
June 07 2019 01:04:13
PJE Thank you abu We had to let her go at around 8pm this evening and held her until she passed away in peace <3 +1
June 07 2019 10:52:59
Beautiful tune for her my dear friend Peter. Jazmin and you are in my thoughts and prayers buddy.<3<3<3<3<3
June 06 2019 20:27:31
PJE Thanks so much Keith dear friend for your warm wishes<3 +1
It's hard to make that decision Peter, but you have to do it
I had to let my two old dogs go last year to 6 months of intervale
Courage to you :|
June 07 2019 01:06:08
PJE Thank you Jean Paul i know how it must have been heartbreaking for you and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and support<3 +0
<3 I understand perfectly, unfortunately what it is to take that decision, for bad luck in my area is a frequent place for the bite of the mosquito of leishmaniosis, it is sad and painful, my friend Peter+1
June 07 2019 01:07:01
PJE Xavi thank you for your words and thoughtful support amigo it’s a comfort<3 +1
June 07 2019 07:42:13
PJE <3 +1
Fantastic drums Peter! You are so full of sensitive! A big hug to You and your Jazmin! :)<3+1
June 10 2019 15:23:34
PJE So kind thank you Dear Stef<3 +1
Great sensitive playing Peter, sounds wonderful my friend! :) <3+1
June 23 2019 01:57:27
PJE Thank you Franky 💔 +0
Beautiful my friend<3<3<3+1
June 23 2019 01:56:31
PJE Thank you Marc, been a hard time and have a big hole in my 💔 +1
June 24 2019 02:12:49
khangurumc I understand my friend,and wish you the best for the future.:) +1
Wonderful Music and Drum PJE;)<3:W+0
Giving this rhythmic life.+0

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