Southern Spring

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A mild winter so far, but looking forward to the southern spring. This track brought me back to a time when life was a little sweeter so I added bass after listening to this song again. Thanks for the very cool drums Demian
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Ben Harper, José González


Such a beautiful song. LOVE your moods, Frank. They pull the heart strings in such a wonderful fashion. Bass speaks a delicious depth. "When Life Was Sweet" - there you go. Change at 2:09 was so good. Demian and you created a yummy sonic dish. <3+2
June 08 2019 01:06:07
FrankMil Thanks Anne, you are too kind my friend. +0
Real nice amigo Frank!! :W Great music!+1
June 08 2019 01:06:23
FrankMil Thanks buddy. +1
super cool line:)+1
June 08 2019 01:06:40
Lenny Cowler
FrankMil Cheers Lenny +1
This sounds great Frank !! Your bass fits really excellent and makes it perfect for me ! :)+1
June 08 2019 01:05:42
FrankMil Thanks frank, looking forward to your add brother +0
Super AWESOME !!!+1
June 08 2019 01:06:55
FrankMil Thanks so much. +1
Hey Frank! so good you reload this great song with this nice bass add!:) I listen my drum not so well in the sound, i guess i have some better tools now. (and the same play troubles!) so if some day you wont i can re record the drum line. (or you can upload the hd bass here) its a really great composition man. Thanks+1
June 09 2019 00:07:55
FrankMil If you feel it needs a redo then go for it. I like what you did, was very natural +1
June 09 2019 23:52:43
Demian Ok! Lets see!..Thanks again man +1
Beautiful music Frank 😊+1
I definitely love this track... I did work back on it. Will send you the track soon. Thanks Bro' ^^+1

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