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@bhunt: Thank you!


:D Das it's so S:Oper René !! Eine Film Noire Komponente, so cool, könnte mir gut etwas Saxophon dazu vorstellen :W+1
June 07 2019 20:46:17
abuitremorem Danke Franky:D +1
June 07 2019 20:46:45
abuitremorem Thank you :D +0
Not only play but your capacity for musical settings is amazing René! :)+1
June 07 2019 20:48:24
abuitremorem Thanks Stef. Your comment makes me happy.:) +1
Perfect add Rene. Love this:o:):W:Y+1
June 07 2019 20:45:45
abuitremorem Thank you Dorothy<3:D +0
wow really cool sounds - fits very well :)+1
June 07 2019 20:44:54
abuitremorem Thank you for the great track:) +1
You constantly create and create!!! always making sound your motivation to iexplore new musical boundaries!! Excellent, Rene!!!+1
June 09 2019 16:54:14
abuitremorem Thank you Dan. I am missing 45 years of music and amplifier history. Now I have the opportunity to work with a variety of amplifiers and effects. I am always spoiled for choice :). Luckily, this question also concerns younger guitarists. You recommended that you set up a "workflow". +0
June 09 2019 17:33:02
Itocpogo I do not remember suggesting a "workflow". But I do have a method.... If a song is so Beautiful, Cool, Swinging, that does not mean I should play on it..... I pick songs to play on that give me that gut feeling that I want to play on it because it touches me deeply which means I am motivated to duo my best. Songs that I am not motivated to play on is because they are so good and I really can't add anything better. When I select a song then I basically go with my gut how to approach it. I have no idea why a song "Touches" me to play on it. I also must not be stressed out or not have enough time to make an add. If I rush it then I usually play awfully. So if I find a song I want to add on but nit feelingthat I am in the right "mood" then I will only practice that day and do the add another day. +1
June 09 2019 18:40:21
abuitremorem Dan, that helps me and I like to look better than a "workflow". Until now I was fascinated by a track, and then I searched for a suitable sound and then I played to it. Finding a suitable sound for me is certainly time consuming, but fascinating, and I can discover new things, and I love that. I continue as before. Thank you again for saving me a detour. +0
a great add Rene,i like that you dont use so much reverb...;););)+1
June 10 2019 11:50:57
abuitremorem Thank you very much Nils - I understand it. With your comment you also helped me to find a new solution for another of my problems.:):):) +1
Du machst eine Geschichte aus dieser Vorlage. Mich fasziniert einmal mehr, wie Du "Raum schaffst".:)+1
June 11 2019 16:03:06
abuitremorem Danke Peter. Hier habe ich es in voller Absicht mit Delay versucht. Mein letzter Track musste ich löschen, weil ich ohne Delay und Reverb zuviel Raum produziert, und nicht einmal gemerkt hatte :) +1
A special atmosphere!+1
June 13 2019 10:42:53
abuitremorem Thank you José :) +0

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