Fall Into Place (let it all)

Guitar, Keys & Percussion:
MajorTom_III1444 jams
Czech Republic
Lenny Cowler1040 jams
Pit Brett187 jams
step III
United States
Vocals & Mixer:
no additional instruments available so far
post your remix!
+ 8
another indie rock jam....took inspiration from the original title of the mix and ran with it


multivox goes great here, nice production. was waiting for thee heavy, but appreciate that technical works+1
June 08 2019 19:25:18
MRVLADDRED oh im gonna get back to that...i dont know why but i feel like doing "pop" songs these days..my only professional experience with touring and the other was with death metal....im trying to expand my pallet..but the heavy is still a true love of mine.... +1
June 09 2019 22:17:33
SupJax nothing wrong with that. we should always do what nature calls us for +0
atmospheric track here :)+1
June 24 2019 22:14:47
MRVLADDRED yes..this is the style i'm trying to develop...I can do the metal screaming stuff easy, but im not mad..i want to try indie pop and shoegaze styles.....depressing, but up lifting at the same time...much like my real state of mind these days.. +1
June 24 2019 22:15:29
Shi it's good to try something new :) +0
thank you for joining :) Nice one :)+0
stupid Sony acid...it make some things off time in the mix down...but its just a demo anyway...thanks to every one who worked on this track...you guys are amazing!

wished it where longer...no way to stretch it out, but

good enough ....more to come
Great idea, yes too bad for the final mix but easy to listen to+0
June 08 2019 20:07:40
Lenny Cowler
MRVLADDRED you are my go to drummer here...you have a very easy rhythmic flow to bonce off of...i use drums to create vocal patterns, you are a dream to work with,...so thanks! +0
June 08 2019 20:08:28
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler :W:W:W:D +0
i wanted to get lionelhenr's saxophone solo in here ....but i couldn't get it to mix+0
Now that is interesting... :)+0
:W a bit short, but... nice going :)+0
:W fantastic+0
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