Blue Eyed Black Eyed Blues

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Collaborated with my talented M8 Dorothy(DeeZee) in writing this song about domestic violence from her original title Blue Eyed Black Eyed Blues. Adds Welcome
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Country, Guitar, Domestic Violence


A very moving song regarding a horrible problem in the world. Bless you both for this song. Far too often people choose not to acknowledge it and prefer to look away. <3<3<3<3+2
June 07 2019 23:17:40
bluvation Thanks buddy, I appreciate your kind and thoughtful words!:W<3:) +1
June 07 2019 23:24:23
kmoon235 Experienced it my entire childhood buddy. Still memories wake me at night at this age. I need to play on this one bro'. +1
June 07 2019 23:32:22
bluvation Looking forward to it Keith<3 yes those kind of memories can haunt you I know:| guess I was lucky to have been brought up without a violent family life although I've witnessed it many times. +1
June 07 2019 23:43:43
kmoon235 Made it vow it would stop at that generation in my family-and it did. <3
June 07 2019 23:46:17
bluvation So glad buddy, you're one of the good guys I know<3 +1
Beautiful; Gerry very poignant and moving song Sang with a lot of feelings A great pleasure to have worked with you on this. Thank you.<3<3<3+2
June 08 2019 00:45:20
bluvation Thanks Dorothy, we did a good job putting this together even if I do say so myself lol! It was a pleasure writing it with you! <3:W:) +2
June 08 2019 00:51:35
deezee You certainly did a wonderful job Gerry:W:o<3 +1
June 08 2019 00:56:29
bluvation Thanks Dorothy, watch out Lennon and McCartney lol!:o<3 +2
So beautiful 💕💕💕🌹🌹🌹+1
June 07 2019 23:43:39
bluvation Thank you Tu, I appreciate your kind feedback<3:) +1
Wonderful song! :)+1
June 08 2019 17:17:38
bluvation Thanks Stef:) +0

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