Funky New Year with Drums

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This is my first remix on the platform! So glad I found this, as I am a Professional Touring/Session Drummer. I record drums for bands through remote sessions. This is a really great way to find people who need Drums on their recordings, plus allows me to practice mixing! Hope you enjoy!
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Funky, Funk Drummer, Groove


Yeah man! That is some awesome drums you put on here! Great drive and loads of dynamics! Very cool track you found here too!
Welcome to the Loops and enjoy yourself! :)
June 12 2019 03:26:18
DrumBum81 Thanks man! Definitely jumping on one of your tracks next! +1
Welcome Mr Bum :)
You just reached the best place for jamming and exploring another goal trought sharing music all together :)
June 12 2019 03:25:47
DrumBum81 Thank you! So looking forward to diving in! +0
Excellent play DB, love the sound of your kit. Welcome to the Loops!!+2
June 12 2019 03:25:12
DrumBum81 Thank you so much! I'm really looking forward to it! +1
Wicked! Great sound too! :W+2
June 12 2019 13:03:19
DrumBum81 Thanks so much! A pleasure to meet you! +1
very nice playing and sound :) welcome to wikiloops ! i can tell you're going to have fun around ;)+2
June 12 2019 13:02:56
DrumBum81 Oh I'm gonna have a ball here!! :) +2
Great pop and mic work! Perhaps a little more global gain? Terrific start! Now go finish all of our half done songs!+1
June 13 2019 06:32:12
DrumBum81 I didn't realize how low the overall track was. Didn't want it to clip. Guess I had some headroom to work with! I'm definitely gonna be browsing around and kicking some ass! +3
June 13 2019 13:29:31
DrStrgeglv Some of us could definitely use an ass kicking +0
Great job! welcome to WL!+1
Good job, DrumBum - and welcome to the loops! :)+1
Nice and welcome to the loops Drumbum :)+1
Sounds Great,,, I'm all ways looking for drummers to work with....most styles+1

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