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Inspired by watching "Chernobyl" and remembering the cold-war days where the metallic taste of nuclear disaster hung in the air like so many particles dancing within an atom. ⚛️
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Soundtrack, Atmospheric, Radioactive


Well done! Nice sequencer work at the end;)+1
June 17 2019 13:40:36
CI Section
DanDiplo From the master of composition that is praise - thanks! +1
June 18 2019 19:00:37
CI Section
CI Section Haha, no - too kind of you...B) +0
Then came the rain. You were not allowed to eat the salad. On the German side of the Rhine you were not allowed to fish or eat fish. In Switzerland, that was possible. Who speaks of radioactivity today when eating mushrooms from Poland? .... A wonderful track Dan!+1
Beautiful song Dan!! <3 I will definitely join! :D+0
Super Job,Great Dan,:W:W+0
Wow :W

really very lysergic, I like!
Excellent Dan ;)+0
Oooh. I'm hearing some good music here today :)+0
You really create images in musical form! Superb job and dramatic ambience Dan! :)+0
You certainly create very beautiful and inspiring musical journeys...this is really wonderful:W+0
Really disturbing, as the series themselves. I can hear the spirits of the dead. Well done! :o+0

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