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Took the great drums from Lenny's Add on track #165666 played the "sax" line on on my laptop keyboard in Logic Pro -- enjoy the pretty realistic Baritone Sax samples --- then went back and changed some of the types of ways the notes are RENDER Like short fall... Staccato ...Diot...trill...blah blah blah..... Fretless Bass!!!! with all those cool slides and stuff -- tenor sax....trumpet...guitar are on the WISH List!!!
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jazz, atonal jazz, baritone sax


The sax seems to be real! Wow+1
June 18 2019 19:15:11
Leftdaloops1019 Yeah Just now tapping into the power of Logic Pro's Midi samples and it's ability to adjust the notes in playing style as the note needs to make it sound real not fake! I'm "Jazzed" about it! +1
Lenny Cowler
super cool:W:W:W:D+1
June 18 2019 19:29:17
Lenny Cowler
Leftdaloops1019 I hope it gets some groovy adds! I'm sure you can hear the various effects I put on your drums! Again Thanks for the HD Track -- I might do something totally different on them for another template! +1
WOW... Super cool, Jim!!!! So Creative!!!+1
June 19 2019 17:23:37
Leftdaloops1019 Room for another saxline!!!!!!!! +0

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