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Thanks a lot my Funky Friends! Enjoyed the track a lot and hope i could join you with some flavours.... added some rhodes, pad, synth and phaserclav... cheers and hope you like it. Marc Ps. when you add to this track and use my single HD stem also use the other single stems for mixing...


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Top track! it needs a voice like Shirley Bassey <3
June 19 2019 23:02:18
Marceys That would be great indeed! Let’s give her a call! :) +3
:D Really like your keys. Kind of a Chick Corea feel to my ears. Chick is the best.;)+2
June 19 2019 23:03:45
Marceys Thanks a lot! I’ll be seeing Chick Corea at the North Sea Jazz festival this year! Can’t wait! :) :) +2
You really drive in the Big solo spot !!! And amazing laying chords then the thingies (wah phaser at the end is terrific).
Trapped :)
June 20 2019 05:34:03
Marceys Ah, great that you like it! The bass, guitar and drums are so cool, i just couldn’t resist! Had a blast on it, thanks for that! :) +1
Those keys make the track suddenly kind of sophisticated B) Great addition. Vocals would be nice and I think it could use a mix.+1
June 20 2019 05:35:22
Marceys You guys build this track so cool that it was very inviting to juice it a little! Enjoyed it a lot, thanks for that! +1
Oh man I hoped you'd spot this. Fantastic Marc, as always. You got the vibe, you got the feel and you got the groove! And the screaming strings! Like the handclaps, the 'strings' are a must!

If I had a gripe, the keys are pretty forward in the mix but you've provided an HD so no problem! I'm on it!

The solo is simply epic. Brimming with analogue goodness!
June 20 2019 05:38:47
Marceys Very glad you like it Martin! I had a great time finding a rhodes layer and add some thingies after that! :)
The keys are a bit forward in the mix indeed, i have that problem sometimes.... gotta look into that a bit better.... gladly there is always the HD for a better mix! :) :)
Winderful Marc<3+1
June 27 2019 22:18:04
Marceys Thanks a lot! :) +0
yeah disco time, love the chords selected, go great with everything, you just have great taste for this kinda style+1
June 27 2019 22:18:41
Marceys Thanks for that, i just follow my instinct..... +1

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