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Awesome flamenco template by LittleWing and Mario, thank you for doing this great track, I really hope you guys like it as much as I did. I had to do the short version cause I ran out of ideas, anyway this one has a little solo that tries to emulate a flamenco guitar.


Olé !!! <3+2
June 20 2019 10:03:38
jussef63 merci master titi oleeeeee :Y:Y +1
Awesome playing+2
June 20 2019 20:52:32
jussef63 So glad you like it bro, thx for dropping by. +1
<3 super:)+2
June 20 2019 20:52:43
jussef63 ;);) +0
Superb Yussef !+2
June 21 2019 01:14:51
jussef63 Mil gracias hermano +1
June 21 2019 01:15:52
Andri A ti campeón! <3 +1
Had my head bobbing back and forth at this early morning hour .. excellent Jussef!! Solo was great ... fun to listen to you. :W:D:W+2
June 20 2019 20:53:38
jussef63 My good friend, thx a lot for your support yeahhhh +0
Wow!! Jussef .. this unbelievable! You are like an earthquake, thunder a stampede .. anyway .. some force of nature!!! 😳😳+2
June 20 2019 20:54:45
jussef63 hahaha sometimes I am a disaster of nature lol, thx a lot for listening to my music my good friend +0
BRAVO<3 class jussef, in your hands music and dreams amigo:W
Wonderful of all:)
June 20 2019 20:52:13
jussef63 My dear friend thank you for your kind words +1
Yeah, speedy fingers, SUPER!! :W:D+1
June 20 2019 20:54:58
jussef63 Thx a lot :) +0
Ah... You are on FIRE!!!!!! Excellent!!! Love your cool fast playing!!!!!!+1
June 20 2019 20:55:21
jussef63 Thank you my friend, so glad you like it. +0
!"Jacossef Miller de la Frontera"! osea sonido de Jaco, ese pequeño slap a lo Marcus Miller y "de la Frontera" por Paco de Lucia y los guitarristas flamencos de Jerez de la Frontera!!! Genial
trabajo. Excelente el contrapunto de las quintas en el groove del bajo. Si me dices que lo has hecho con un fretless... me quito el sombrero!!!

"Jacossef Miller de la Frontera"! I mean sound of Jaco, that little slap to the Marcus Miller and "de la Frontera" by Paco de Lucia and the flamenco guitarists of Jerez de la Frontera !!! Great work Excellent the counterpoint of the fifths in the bass groove. If you tell me you've done it with a fretless ... I take my hat off !!!:o
June 20 2019 16:38:00
GlezBass Si quieres te paso alguna pista flamenca sin bajo... eres un maquina!!
Esta es la tipica buleria flamenca en la guitarra (de mi hijo...) #154880 , o algo asi que nunca sabremos si es una salsa o una rumba... #158722 ;)
June 20 2019 20:57:09
jussef63 Muchas gracias por tan emocionante feedback, agradezco mucho que me compares con esos grandes pero ni al caso jaja, el acompañamiento se hizo en el fretless y el solo en un bajo de 7, muchas gracias por el aporte de palmas y percusiones, sin ti no hubiera sonado jamás así. +1
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