Spider & Snake dance

step I
Tofzegrit2369 jams

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A pleasure to join Lenny, I've built an octaver kind of bass riff then added a lead and some time spent with the mix on order to put different tone colors to mark some parts... Thanks for the fun Mi Lennito :) Not sure about other adds but let the magic do its job !


now i don't normally like spiders and snakes too much, but for this cool track I would make an exception ! nice work you two :)+1
June 21 2019 00:37:27
Tofzegrit Same sensation here Mademoiselle:) +1
a fantastic add here Tof...;););)+1
Nice my friend sounds very powerful, I like a lot the tension you create with the harmony here+1
:) great flavor you create+1
Very very cool !!+1
Wow!!!FAntastic bro, thanks a lot:W<3:D+1
June 21 2019 04:43:00
Lenny Cowler
Tofzegrit You want to be the snake or the spider ? :) +1
June 21 2019 04:54:12
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler I want be the six-liter four-cylinder:):):) +1
June 21 2019 04:55:52
Lenny Cowler
Tofzegrit Vroooooooooom +1
Inspirant... dark as the sky, miam :)+1
Superb Tofzegrit! I love sound and lines+1
June 21 2019 16:59:49
Tofzegrit Muchas Gracias Andri:) +0
Incredibly GOOD, Tof!!!!! So Creative , lots of Cool ideas and precise execution!!!!+1
June 21 2019 17:01:27
Tofzegrit I just figured out when I was ready to answer you about full improvisation but maybe Spider is the left hand and snake the right one :)
Merci Dan

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