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Another simple tune so I hope you will join me =) I have this without drums so just ask if you want it.
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unplugged, acoustic, ballad, guitar


a well played track Psycho...;););)+1
June 23 2019 14:08:50
Psycho Thanks very much slin :) +1
nice template Bruce :) :Y+1
June 23 2019 14:08:17
Psycho Hi my friend adu... thank you very much :) +1
Love this:D:D:D+1
June 23 2019 14:07:47
Psycho Thanks my friend :) +1
again a great acoustic track of you. Have you changed your setting?:W:)+1
June 23 2019 14:07:29
Psycho Thanks Rene :) I haven't changed any settings. I played this with two mics set up at the guitar. +1
June 23 2019 17:19:56
abuitremorem Thank you :) +1
American Spirit ! Authentic folk. I already hear a bass...
Cool to listen to you again Bruce :)
June 23 2019 14:16:04
Psycho Thanks very much titi... I respect your thoughts on the things we do here (music) :) :W +1
Lovely acoustic ballad Bruce! I seem to feel the air in my face as I drive the Harley for those big and long American roads...:)+1
June 24 2019 01:36:35
Psycho Thanks Stef... yes riding the Harley with the wind all around you is a wonderful feeling... and this does kinda give that effect :) +1
See this is what I mean. This song has such potential for instrumental and vocal adds. Playlisted! In my favorite key too:D+1
June 24 2019 01:39:32
Psycho Well thank you Andrea <3... I've always loved sitting around toying with different writings. I think that is the gratifying part. Anyone can play them, and I'm happy that's your favorite key :D +0
cool acoustic track :)+1
June 24 2019 23:36:04
Psycho Hey there Oli... thanks my friend :) +1
love those chords. Sounds so very beautiful Psycho!<3<3<3+1
June 24 2019 23:36:55
Psycho A simple lick that I try to make sound right... thanks gal :) +1
Beautiful! Can't help but smile when I hear this. And so much potential.+1
June 29 2019 15:46:23
Psycho Thanks haf... good to hear from you :) +0
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