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Well this is a song for my mom who just beat cancer, that was the reason I was out of the loops for so long, had to reach the bottom to be able to go up again, some of you guys knew this and thanks to you for the support. Thx a lot Liesching for this great template


HeyJussef- 15 years ago they diagnosed my sister with stage 4 and said she had weeks if not months to live. There was a period , everytime the phone rang, I was expecting bad news.That was 15 years ago. They were wrong.She did it herself and with the help of our family doctor who wouldnt give up on her. She had determination to see her kids and grandkids.It is never fully remiss but the key is changing diet to alkaline. Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body. We eat too much acid nowadays.Look up "Alkalinity and Cancer". There is much written on it. Now you want to keep it away...forever. Her diet will be very important.Its not difficult , you just have to be aware what to eat.
Im so glad to hear this and give her a high five for me! And you mister....give up that soda and cut back coffee.. This is REALLY GREAT news!

Remind her EVERYDAY, she has children who love her.
June 24 2019 07:02:33
jussef63 Thank you for your great advice and for sharing a piece of your family history +1
how lovely jussef :) you sing from the heart :)+3
June 24 2019 07:00:26
jussef63 Comming from you is a great compliment, thx Shi +1
Very lovely singing, Jussef! Cancer is hard to beat and I‘m glad your mom did. All the best and welcome back to the loops!+3
June 24 2019 06:59:14
jussef63 Thank you very much, your piano inspirated me +1
Beautiful Jussef,I so understand you,my mom is now at the hospital .I wish you the best for you and yours my friends.<3+3
June 24 2019 06:58:37
jussef63 I hope your mother gets well my friend +2
melancholy text jussef..all very fine..the bass sings along <3;):W+2
June 23 2019 12:44:28
jussef63 Thank you very much peatric <3:) +1
I am very happy for your family and your Mom <3+2
June 23 2019 12:59:07
jussef63 Merci mon ami :D +1
Felicidades amigo, mi madre también tuvo y lo venció. Un fuerte abrazo y disfrútala mucho <3
Congratulations friend, my mother also had and defeated him. A big hug and enjoy her a lot <3
June 23 2019 13:30:48
jussef63 Igualmente Andri gracias +0
So glad to hear of such a great triumph ... wonderful Jussef, glad for you and your mom! <3 Of course, the bass and song.. is excellent, sounds very nice amigo!+2
June 23 2019 13:30:36
jussef63 Thx my good friend +1
deseo lo mejor para tu madre,amigo,cuidala mucho Jussef,ya sabes como es la vida,me alegro que lo haya superado <3+2
June 23 2019 13:30:24
jussef63 Muchas gracias 😊 +1
June 23 2019 13:33:50
jussef63 :):) +1

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