- No Mercy - (take no prisoners)

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Up early on a summer's morning 4 a.m. :O Found this great track from Ron and Tom and jammed it out at this early hour, great stuff guys, thanks for the fun!! (and wake up call) :W:D
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Blues Rock Jam


Mika Tohve
Well it's kicking some serious B-A-S-S a**! :D+3
June 24 2019 15:48:24
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 Kind thanks Mika!! (I said) :D
June 24 2019 16:26:16
Mika Tohve
Major 3rd helicopter kick...taking heads...:W +1
June 24 2019 16:53:31
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 Yeah a crazy kick ..I went gold in '91 at a tae kwon do tournament .. those days are over!! Now it's stacking wood and plucking 4 fat strings ... LOL ... sad. +1
June 24 2019 17:06:50
Mika Tohve
Major 3rd yeah, I hear ya...know exactly what ya mean..I did MA's most of my life...I got disqualified 1st tournament when the guy I was up against tried a similar kick to that...charged in and kicked him straight in his family jewels...haha *accident of course* He went up in the air, came down, & laid there for several minutes..

don't ya just love how the victim in this gif just stands there almost baring his neck for the helicopta head dismantling? lolol
sometimes ya wonder if all the training really helps when 20 yrs later your bones n joints all ache...making us feeble...ahhh sooner or later the great realization of our corruptible bodies shines forth...
June 24 2019 17:11:08
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 yep, we're gonna die like dogs bro .. LOL ... geez you ruined that .gif for me .. I was sure it was real .. hehehe the jewels .. and right on the day the dude forgot to bring his "cup" to the tournament ... a ballsy move on his part ... :D +1
June 24 2019 17:29:27
Mika Tohve
Major 3rd not sure if he did or not.. I didn't check on the cup...hahaha "ballsy move" LOL woof woof!!! :o +1
June 24 2019 17:30:50
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 Glad you didn't check! haha!! if the edge of the cup was lined up with a "knacker" it could be even worse .. LOL! +1
June 24 2019 17:32:34
Mika Tohve
Major 3rd :o:|:W +1
I cant get enough of this kickin tune...well done Ernie....you gave it the treatment it deserves πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘+2
June 24 2019 13:35:20
frenzie <3 +2
June 24 2019 15:46:55
Ernie440 Happy sunny day in the valley Tu, thank you!! :):D +1
I don't know how you can play bass this fast and note-perfect at 4am, but you did it! Hats off, killer track.+2
June 24 2019 15:47:28
Ernie440 haha ... it wasn't easy! lol .. thanks Dan! :D +0
It's great, Ernie, that makes you jump:W+2
June 24 2019 15:47:43
Ernie440 Kind thanks amigo Rolf!! :) +1
wow, spectacular bro, I love how is this, great job friend:W:W+2
June 24 2019 15:47:56
Ernie440 Julio!! Thanks good buddy!! :D :D +0
Superjob bro!!:):) the bassline is so good!!! :O Its addictive!!big pint of beer deserved!!🍺🍻+2
June 24 2019 15:49:30
Ernie440 A big pint is another name for a quart! :D:D Thanks so much Tom, great track .. always a pleasure!! :W +1
Somebody has to wake the roosters up and a rocking bass line seems to fit the bill nicely.:o Excellent Ernie, seems we can do rock too as trio!!!!:D+2
June 27 2019 12:48:37
Ernie440 Only when Tom decides he's gonna rock it a bit, haha!! Thanks Ron! :W +1
this is a wicked jam by all nice guysπŸ‘:Y:W+1
June 24 2019 15:56:26
Ernie440 heya Mike, thanks man!! :D +1
Major 3rd
putting the Roll in the Rock! excellent Ernie!:W+1
June 24 2019 16:54:35
Major 3rd
Ernie440 hahaha ... gracias brotha Craig!! :W +1
Yeah !!!!πŸ‘πŸ˜+1
June 24 2019 17:06:21
Ernie440 :D:W Indeed, thanks my friend Jef!! :W +1

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