Wound II

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DanDiplo160 jams
Jypeka433 jams
step II
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Tofzegrit2369 jams
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I had some good times with this one and love this track from Dan, I just add my guitar take to Jypeka's top violon, did some arrangements too by cuting some part to put the guitar in front but most of the time I'm in background and I like it :)


I like how your guitar weaves in and out through this one Tof, a cool combination with Jypeka's violin and the cool template from Dan, thumbs from me :)+1
June 24 2019 21:20:39
Tofzegrit Merci Mademoiselle +1
:W U B Rockin!+1
I like it a lot monsieur, love the sound of the guitar in the background, it helps to highlight a lot Jypeka's work, also when you go rhythmic sounds brilliant, this track needs more like people :D+1
June 25 2019 07:46:38
Tofzegrit Same swell sounds as “ghost” :) love this ambient patch sound:)
Merci Jussef
listen to the ear glued to the ipap ... because on holiday to "St Agulf" it sounds like serious, thank you for your participation :)+1
June 27 2019 02:48:04
Tofzegrit Au casque c’est mortel:) +1
This is brilliant! I love ambient guitar swells - they work great in electronic music. Also a touch of Wall era Gilmour, too! If I could play guitar well, this is just what I would want to play. You do a great unselfish work, too, by adding texture and leaving the "lead" to Jypeka's amazing violin tones.+1
WOW.. An Outstanding production, Tof!!!!!!! You created a Wonderful "Soundscape"!!!! Fantastic guitar playing!!!+1
The three of you are an like awesome force of nature covering so much of the sound spectrum with excellent rhythm, harmonies and melodies.+1
July 13 2020 22:31:47
Tofzegrit Thanks a lot for the whole listening Wade.
I really like this collab a bit different than “smooth funk” :)
July 13 2020 23:44:33
Wade It's always a good idea to stretch in different directions... musically...not suggesting torture on the rack! +1

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