Something Not To Be Understood

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Thanks to OliVBee for inspiring Moonchild who inspiring me .. I just take the vocal track of Moonchild and trying to rebuild something not to be understood... I am not sure of the result , weird structure construction ( experimental ) and mix ,but it was fun to explore... Feel free to add something if you feel inspired ! Peace
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Unplugged vocal experimental escape


one of the toughest musical job is taking a vocal a cappella and adding a musical context afterward ... you have to invent new modulations ! good work here :)+2
:) Not an easy task. But I think you have done an excellent job putting this together. Not weird, but a wonderful song is the result.+1
Once again musical creativity so good Ink:)+1
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Beautiful Inkless.<3+1
great fit , loved playing with it. listened to the history of this track.. your add was truly amazing and gave the song a different identity that was awesome+1
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