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Real nice blues guitar jam from Mr. Åke on Martin's excellent blues drumming .. added some low end .. thanks for the jam and great playing fellas! :W:D Needs some lead etc. ;)
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blues jam in E


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June 25 2019 16:57:08
TeeGee Is that clipping I hear?? +2
June 25 2019 17:05:45
Ernie440 :D:D It's highly possible .. I certainly wouldn't rule it out! Wasn't the easiest one to mix for me. +1
June 25 2019 17:32:13
TeeGee Lol mixing is the devil, I probably spend three times as much time on that than actual playing, and it still sounds pooo :D :D I had another look, it seems that you added quite a bit of volume to the track, and then it went over the clipping threshold. What do you generally use for dynamics, i.e. compressor or limiter etc on your bass track, and what do you use on the output channel? +1
June 25 2019 17:42:38
Ernie440 I have no idea what I'm doing .. I use amplitube in reaper and it and was using the compressor that came with the ampeg amp vst ... I did dial it back (the compressor) on this track as doing that brings the volume up .. probably what happened!! Like I said .. have no real clue about mixing besides my ears but sometimes I get lucky!! :D +1
June 25 2019 17:53:25
Ernie440 haha .. I'm never put compression on the final output .. you bring up an interesting point ... hahaha .. (see I know nothing) Ok I'm gonna try something with a compressor vst I have that came with my focusrite ... do a remix and tell me what you think ... I'm listening through an old set of stereo speakers .. so there's times when I can't tell if it's the speaker buzzing or not and they do buzz at certain frequencies! +1
June 25 2019 17:58:01
TeeGee Obviously using compressors etc should be done carefully as too much kills the vibrancy of the track. But if you bring down all the volumes of the thre tracks, and then use a light compressor on the output channel to shave of the peaks you might get a better result. You could also put a limiter after the compressor, but again only lightly - but use a dynamic limiter not a "Stonewall limiter". I think :D :D +0
June 25 2019 18:03:08
Ernie440 Yeah ... I can tell compression does that .. I'll do a lighter touch and see what happens ... hehehe! +0
June 25 2019 22:46:32
abuitremorem Can you give me one or two clipping points? Thank you :) +3
Great heavy blues sound Ernie-happy Bluesday bro':W:W
June 25 2019 17:43:29
Ernie440 Thanks kindly buddy, Happy Bluesday to you ... many more :D:D +1
That pounding bass bottom is what the doctor ordered!!!! Excellent, Ernie!!!!!+1
June 25 2019 20:03:20
Ernie440 Thanks so much my fellow wiki jammer Dan!! :D:D +0
June 25 2019 20:02:58
Lenny Cowler
Ernie440 kind thanks my friend Len! :D +1
Great ride Ernie :)+1
June 25 2019 20:02:45
Ernie440 hey titi, thanks man!! :D +1
ooooh those blues :)+1
June 25 2019 21:30:26
Ernie440 thanks dear Shi! :) +1
That makes me curious, Ernie. In my headphones, this track sounds great. Maybe he'll clip something - where? But I like him better. There we are probably in the fundamental question: perfection to what degree? Right now I'm trying to compress as little as possible :)+1
June 26 2019 00:03:54
Ernie440 Maybe it was rattling Tee's earwax?? :D :D I can never tell for sure with my old speakers .. one has a bad rattle especially with "E" notes. I'm very careful with compression too .. thanks René! :D:D +1
June 26 2019 04:43:10
abuitremorem When I hear the track on a tablet, I almost hear no bass:D +0
yeah, that sounds great.:W:W+1
July 02 2019 15:29:47
Ernie440 Thanks a lot Peter!! :D +1
Super Bass Bluesman! :)+1
July 03 2019 20:54:26
Ernie440 thanks Super Stef!! :W:W:D:D +1
July 04 2019 13:16:12
Ernie440 heya João, thanks my friend!:) +0

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