New blues Am 60bpm 6/8 swing

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This is a reprisal of another track I have done... New blues Am 60bpm 6/8 swing INTRO: C7-C7-E7-E7-F7-F7-Fm7-Fm7-Fm9-C7-A7-D7-G7-C7-F7-C7-G7 VERSE 1 C13-F-C7-E7-E7-F7-F7-Fm7-Fm7-C-A7-D7-G7-C13-F7-C9-G13 CHORUS C7-C7-E7-E7-F9-F13-Fm7-Fm7-C9-A-D7-G7-C13-F7-C13-G7 VERSE 2 C7-F/C-C7-Dsus2-E7-E7-F9-F9-Fm7-Fm7-C-A7-D7-G-C13-F6-F9-C13-G13 CHORUS C7-C7-E7-E7-F9-F13-Fm7-Fm7-C9-A-D7-G7-C13-F7-C13-G7 VERSE 3..same as 2 C7-F/C-C7-Dsus2-E7-E7-F9-F9-Fm7-Fm7-C-A7-D7-G-C13-F6-F9-C13-G13 CHORUS OUT....2X's C7-C7-E7-E7-F9-F13-Fm7-Fm7-C9-A-D7-G7-C13-F7-C13-G7 C7-C7-E7-E7-F9-F13-Fm7-Fm7-C9-A-D7-G7-C13-F7-C13-G7 For against it at 120bpm....
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slow blues


Nice buildup on this classic blues Tune. Since it's long you have room for many soloists and vocals. Should get lot of adds.+1

This one is a great add for beginning great jams :o

My best claps! :)
Thanks Blind-Dog for a lovely template. I really enjoyed playing along with this. Seems very much like Gospel.+1
Sounds great 👍 very nice chords and progression:)+1
Your Blues tracks are a beauty! Bravissimo BD! :)+1

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