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OPEN FIELD for everybody :) I dressed up that song with guitar and basic toc toc (not sure but I think it's finally 110-BPM (or 112 ?*) and then completely undressed it, leaving only the minimum to stay listenable. Do whatever you want on it, cut the guitar parts and pleeeaase have fun ! - * it's finally 111bpm heliandros says
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vocal experiment


Thumbs up à ta créativité!:W
Bizarre ... je venais tout juste de finir de regarder un reportage illustrant l’emprunte grandissante de la Chine en Afrique ... et puis ... ta mélodie ... et puis ... ton dernier paragraphe !
July 02 2019 21:29:11
marmotte C'est vrai qu'il y a finalement un mélange sino-africa. Si j'ai des partenaires de jeu ils viendront colorer de leur côté j'espère ! Fallait bien une chute à cette histoire d'attente pentatonique et immobile... bizzz ! +1
Sounds awesome - it takes confidence to leave a voice so naked, but you have the voice to pull it off. Lovely. Great job <3+2
July 02 2019 21:31:15
marmotte Thanks for those kind words Dan :) It has to be dressed now or I will catch a cold... ;) +0
OK, ideas other than liking it so much that I'd love to have a continued excuse to listen over and over.+2
July 04 2019 23:36:56
marmotte Find an idea, pleaaaase :) +1
Fantastic Charlotte! Thumb up! :)+1
OMG was a fantastic and charming music and as always wonderfully sung by you!+1
Absolutley stunning track, Charlotte!+1
not enough thumbs!+1
😍😍😍... Awesome lady!!+1

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