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An attempt at blending a kind of psychedelic rock backing with modern electronics. All colliding together in a warm bath of fission chips. Be conCerned.
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Electronica, Trip, Psychedelic, Acid, Cern


🕸〽Amazing ambient 🕉🙌+0
now I do like this :) this sounds like a cool movie theme :)+0
super cool :-)+0
This is so very a band named "Conjure One". They are one of my favorite bands ever (Their albums NEVER have left my music rotation in 13 years)and are basically a modern day Pink Floyd with some of the most ammazing female vocalists mixed with psychedlic electronic dance jams from studio wizard Rhys Fulber.Hypnotic electronic rhythms with stunning female vocals, guitars and effects wizzing across the speakers. Think you would love them Dan. Go straight for the album "Extrordinary Ways"..
You would have to understand what they are about to appreciate the very high compliment I just gave you.
July 01 2019 12:27:24
DanDiplo I will do! Always looking for musical recommendations - thank you! +0
:W:W Fantastic Dan,Wonderful,my friend :Y:Y:Y+0
Love it Dan!:W:Y:Y+0
:J :)
Too bad, I’ve something needing another guitar than the new one :)
Fantastic Dan,:W I'm listening to some Kraftwerk again but this time with Depeche Mode!:D
Ehhh ... I did not smoke anything! jejejejej:W:D

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