old harvest train

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That was a challenge for me. After I had finished a version, it disappeared independently and forever in the Windows sky. Here's what's left on the floor. I hope to have stayed in the complex rhythm melody for me. If not, I ask for criticism - so I learn :) Many thanks to Lenny and José


Sounds wonderful to my ears Rene! Love your guitar<3:Y:W+1
July 01 2019 18:32:32
abuitremorem Thank you Dorothy :)<3 +1
Challenging but rewarding work. The drum cut-up drum rhythms interact with the guitar to create a disturbing, claustrophobic, slightly out-of-control feel.+1
July 01 2019 18:34:21
abuitremorem Thank you Dan. I really felt a bit losing control. That helps me!!! +0
via wikiloops radio
Coool, very interesting!!+1
July 01 2019 13:03:44
TeeGee Reminds me of a Massive Attack track... +1
July 01 2019 18:37:44
abuitremorem Thank you TG. That helps me. I think I understand what you mean by massive attake. That is part of my roots. Now I have to pay more attention to root care :) +0
Nice. :)+1
July 01 2019 18:38:03
abuitremorem Thank you Telemetry :) +1
Lenny Cowler
July 01 2019 18:38:14
Lenny Cowler
abuitremorem Thank you Lenny :) +1
When I am so excited to do another add and then when I do it I just get disappointed, and I try, try again and still have a bad disappointed feeling, I've learned a couple of things. First, I could be having a bad day, Second, I'll post it anyway to see if others think it is as bad as I think, and most importantly I will reach deep inside me to understand why I feel bad about my playing today and remember the type of playing that in the past I liked what I played and what playing did others like I did!!! In the end I always had to face that I can not play like anybody I admire because I just do not have that skill and I must play to my strength that has worked and made me satisfied, but to be open to improving on my style because it is "me". Also, I listen to listeners to help me know what they think. Saying all that, I find that your playing here as Creative as always but it is a different direction that I never head from you, so you must view this as an opportunity to take from it what you do like and work it into what you enjoy playing because it excites you!! I know for me, having a bad day is a valuable learning experience because it forces me to "think" and I always learn how to improve.Usually having a bad day means I am tired or have something on my mind that is distracting me from concentrating on playing and I should have just practiced only that day... but without bad days... you do not explore improvement opportunities. But my friend you do so good on this track!!!+1
July 01 2019 19:05:41
abuitremorem Thanks Dan for your advice. He helps me immediately. Bad days I know well. Sometimes only a guitar is not possible, sometimes not at all. Here, however, I did not feel well in the rhythm and that made me unsure. I received the answer I was looking for. Once again many thanks! +1
It's cool Rene! It seems to me that sound level is a little bit low :|;)+1
July 01 2019 19:08:13
abuitremorem Joao, I would not have thought of that! I had the headphones set too loud. I can see that now in the wave form. I have to think that over for the mix. Thank you very much! +0
i will say you did great here Rene...;););)+1
July 01 2019 21:52:10
abuitremorem Nils, you take my uncertainty. Many Thanks:):):)<3 +1
Ich find da hast Du Dich wirklich prima hineingedacht !! Ist spannend euch zu zuhören , was will man mehr :D :W+1
July 01 2019 21:53:51
abuitremorem Danke Franky. Die Rückmeldungen auf diesen Track helfen mir. <3:D +1
I understand the challenge
I've been waiting to hear your version..
But now I am riding a train, a little old :) and without headphones :@
I will listen to your intervention quietly afterwards.
I thank you for your friendship, René
July 02 2019 09:54:17
abuitremorem Thank you José. I hope you can open the windows on the train. The most punctual trains go in Spain +1
July 02 2019 11:38:39
josepssv :D
This is the key :D

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