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It's been a long time playing here while recovering...but I needed to play tonight through the pain in my arm for the pain I feel in my heart. For my favorite "Farmer and Friend" Father-in-law. May you be in peace (7-1-2012).


cool track:)+2
Ga-roovy... Thanks+2
Awesome music and so good to hear you playing again:D:D:D+2
Nice track Mortheol <3+2
:J coooool track!! Good to see you are playing - just please take it easy on the arm, let it heal. Have you thought about maybe playing slide with the guitar on the lap? Might be less painful?+2
This is great - love the melancholy laid-back vibe :-)+2
July 14 2019 03:17:51
mortheol Thanks Groove;) +0
Great composition. I like the interplay of the guitars. But please don't harm yourself! Best wishes recovering.+2
July 14 2019 03:17:40
mortheol Thanks Dan!! +0
B):|:Y takes it easy - take it slow+2
July 14 2019 03:17:32
mortheol Hey isn't that an Eagles song;) +0
A beautiful composition, I like it a lot. Sometimes the feeling of playing the guitar is stronger than the pain. But Ron: take care, if you play too early, you pay for it (know that from my own experience):)+1
Sounds great Ron great feel and atmosphere:W+1
July 14 2019 03:17:10
mortheol Thanks Peter +0

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