a wee bit of Scott-ch

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some drums and two guitars -- can't we get a Scotsman to belt out and tune maybe a New Scotsman bang some bass [img]https://media.giphy.com/media/qCCAA4my5v2GQ/giphy.gif[/img]
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Scotsman, Scotch Whiskey


Sounds uncannily like the musical evenings I used to enjoy in my childhood, huddled around the burning Pete stove of my grandmother's croft in Auchenshuggle. Granny would play her old '50's Telecaster through a steam driven WEM 100 watt amp while Uncle Hamish would beat out his rudimentary rhythms with a broomstick on the bleached skulls of English census collectors and taxmen. They would break often and he would swear colourfully, before rushing off to find a fresh one. My role was to stretch the neck of a neighbourhood cat until it squealed, while simultaneously reciting the lesser poems of Robert Burns. We couldn't afford proper bagpipes. Kids these days don't know they're born.+2
July 04 2019 02:13:07
Leftdaloops1019 wow, love hearing ye yarns. Much delight!!!!
Granny must have truly rocked!
July 04 2019 16:06:38
Ernie440 Pete must have screamed when you put him in the stove .. they told ya lad to put peat in but you heard "Pete" .. so in he went ..!! when confronted by the authorities you were heard to say ... DILLIGAF!! +1
Scotty Blues?+1
Nice!!:):) bagpipe rock!:):)+1
So Creatively cool!!!! Excellent, Jim!!!+1
this is a little bit quirky, but I like it :)+1
July 03 2019 20:34:36
Leftdaloops1019 ahhh just a wee bit?:D +1
July 03 2019 20:36:04
Shi just a wee bit.....it might be a bit breezy for wearing the kilts though :D +2
It's does have a bag pipey feel to it!!! :W:O+1
Wild... coolness :D+1

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