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These two (Jim and Egil) have been creating some amazing stuff. I want in!!! Sopranino added...and hopefully not subtracting from this wonderfully weird track.


:J <W+3
July 10 2019 02:20:49
Wade Cheers Frenzie. Thanks for the listen. +1
Amazing how you make that difficult-to-play sopranino sound so great, Wade... This is like a journey with no certain destination but it's ok because it's such a nice trip... of course accolades go to eGil and GemmyF, too. Das ist doch wunderbar!+3
July 10 2019 02:22:36
Wade Thanks bluesdog. A journey indeed! Jim and Egil are indeed the inspiration. They have lots of great tracks together. +0
I wanted to write while listening but my eyes wouldn't open. Thanks for the inner trip, meditative music you all made. Hop, another listening. I'm going to close my eyes again so fvdfvjk vfvffj jvlfv jfkpmqs...+3
July 10 2019 02:25:26
Wade So glad if this worked on you. Jim's and Egil's track certainly worked for me and inspired this single take (with lots of lucky coincidences). +1
July 09 2019 16:12:25
Fishinmissio Yeah..I'd head that way too :D +4
Great feel and sound Wade! <3 Very happy to jam with you again! :)+2
July 10 2019 02:20:19
Wade Hopefully you'll have some time free in late August? Arriving Oslo on 23rd. Will take a few days to get over jet lag, but OK after that. Leaving at the end of the month. +1
Nice job weaving thru this one :):W+2
July 10 2019 02:26:46
Wade Thanks Mark. Another one of those meditative fall asleep sorts. +0
Its hypnotic like the lure of the charmer to the Cobra, amazing influences and mystery as you create Wade bravo my friend such a great listen
Congratulations to you all<3:W
July 10 2019 02:31:08
Wade Thanks PJE! This mood/mode comes too easily. Maybe bitten by a cobra in a past life?

You would have enjoyed the diving in Vanuatu. Very interesting place with friendly folk. Next diving destination Ningaloo reef in Western Australia in October. Hoping to swim with Manta rays.
July 10 2019 16:42:56
PJE Bitten by the snake and called by the sea my friend good to hear you so clearly invigorated and how I would love to be with you , the rays and dive the reef::):D +1
July 11 2019 08:10:24
Wade We just have to hope for good weather. It's before cyclone and the wet season, so should be good. Just the wind/waves can muck it up. It will be too late for the Humpback whales and whale matter. Hope you can take in the dives on this side of the world sometime. +1
Very Nice Wade! -- Thanks for coming to our part of the added really a great expansion...which I was hoping for! Thanks!!!!!:Y that 4:52 spot is JUST AWESOME what happened, makes it easy to hit the repeat button!!!!!:D:D+2
July 10 2019 02:35:09
Wade Such a great template from you and Egil. Maybe you'll come join us in Norway in late August for a live jam?

Got to admit to just "zoning in" to your vibe in this. A single take, with many happy accidents of fitting, like at 4:52.
July 10 2019 02:46:03
Leftdaloops1019 I'm a poverty level kind of guy...:D.....and tight even though I'd love to do it...... I won't be able to.......If you're going to Egil's town he has a friend that is quite good that you'd probably like to play with----not sure if he's a shoe gaze-er though!:D +1
July 10 2019 03:41:49
Wade Egil hasn't mentioned anyone in his town. We've played before in Oslo at Nils' place. No plans yet. Depends on what's possible and transport. He lives a few hours north of Oslo by a big lake. +1
Fanntastic play you all.+2
July 10 2019 03:45:10
Wade Hey Rob, so good of you to give this a listen than comment. Thanks! +1
Very good !<3+2
July 10 2019 03:45:57
Wade Cheers PAPABLUES. A long way from the blues! So glad you like. Thanks. +1

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