Retro Phase (Complete w Leads)

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HD Track - Lead Guitars OK. It's all here. All the parts are uploaded with the HD tracks. This is a big thing for me because I tried to make all the parts to this myself - and I'm not good at a lot of this stuff. Some of it is REALLY basic (like the drums), but the end result was good enough for me. PLEASE chop this up and add better parts than I made for it! Please! If I ...
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Synthwave, Shredwave, 80's, Retro


That sounds great Ron! This image from the DAW seems to show me how the track was created. Did you have recording and mix divided into 2 projects?:)
And: great that you stick to the WL rules and upload the instruments individually, so that there are different possibilities for us:D
July 10 2019 12:50:25
Haffast Thank you so much! It was all one project in the end. I was messing with some settings and kind of ruined the first version πŸ˜‚. I am hoping somebody will make a cooler version of this, so I REALLY wanted to make sure all the parts were there. I always feel bad when I'm uploading track after track though. I feel like I'm taking up too much space πŸ˜‚ +1
I love how you built this!
I don’t know if you use the Helix machine but honestly, we can ear subtle different textures and colors in your tones here and it makes the difference in the global mix.
July 11 2019 06:41:11
Haffast I'm still working on building more custom tones, but I can tell a difference already. So much richer tone. Thank you so much for all those downloads! I modeled one of my tones of the Dream Theater template (and then changed it up a ton). I'm really liking it, but I still hardly know how to use it all! πŸ˜‚ +0
Mika Tohve
This got this 80' feel and it sounds amazing. And yes i was very young back then.+1
July 11 2019 06:42:06
Mika Tohve
Haffast That's awesome! I'm glad you got that feeling from it. I've been listening to a lot of this kind of music lately +1
Good to hear ya play again. The guitar mix sounds as good as a pro studio mix. Awesome!:W+0
Love it! Awesome track! <3;)+0
Wow this is as good as it gets. Love it!:o<3<3+0
MAN I am glad I didn't listen to this before trying it. I would have never recorded my version. Awesome tone and love the melodic development...Harmonies are always killer from you too. Sweet :)+0
Awesome Bro+0

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