Running From The Storm

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bluvation336 jams

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I wrote this song this evening thinking about the storm(Hurricane) about to hit the New Orleans Area, their levy's are already full to the max right now so everyone is praying it won't be another Katrina. Used biab real tracks to create the chord progression on guitar. All adds welcome.
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Acoustic, Guitar, Unplugged, New Orleans


One of your best ever my talented friend.<3<3<3<3 So beautiful the music and lyrics.<3<3 Your music is second to none professional or otherwise which is why my wife and I listen to your music in our house everyday<3<3
July 12 2019 17:36:16
bluvation Wow Keith, you'll never know how much that means buddy, I'm really humbled by your kind words of support. So glad you liked this, I feel so bad for those people in that area having survived Katrina and now threatened again by Barry! <3<3<3:) +1
July 12 2019 17:48:55
kmoon235 I agree my friend. My brother sits front row down there. He's a retired meteorologist and was there for Katrina. Only time he never said don't worry about it bro'. His words then were-pray for us.
July 12 2019 17:59:05
bluvation Hope he'll be safe Keith, it looks like they are gonna get a lot of rain, the last thing they need right now. My positive thoughts are with him and his family and everyone in that area. Thanks again buddy, have a good weekend! :W +1
July 12 2019 18:11:52
kmoon235 You too buddy<3 Thanks for those thoughts my friend.<3
Wonderful! I love it Gerry<3<3:W+1
July 12 2019 17:26:50
bluvation Thanks Dorothy, you are so very kind my talented friend:W<3<3:) +1

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