Stomp Train Blues

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Fun track from fanne, Ernie440, Stef and peatric. Lyrics and vocal by glennp. I added the harp to proof that you can't just "chase away the blues". This is my first upload at wikiloops. It's even my first at the internet, and also one of the rare I've ever worked out. Being happy jamming with musicians like you I've honestly tried my best at the moment, though it came easy. Much to see here, much to learn and also much to give ...
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Big welcome and good to hear you jump in. Hope to hear more in the future.+1
July 19 2019 13:47:27
Dropster Hi Wade, thanks for your big welcome. I did not jump, Wade, I dropped in B) and yes, I feel myself pretty much comfort in here :). After that broadly affectionated reception (accueil chaleureux), it's pretty risky for me now to show up with something else. But I keep working on it. :)

Ay man, I like your sax so much :) Thanks also for your thumb up. You are making me a pleasant and sunny day, while I‘m looking up proudly to the top of the mountains :) Best regards to NZ
July 20 2019 00:57:17
Wade Thanks Dropster. And regards back to you in Liechtenstein! You'll find lots of great tracks here to have fun with. +1
Welcome here Monsieur :)+1
July 17 2019 21:42:11
Dropster Thank you for your warm welcome, Titi, and thank you also for your kind thumb up. I see it as a great honour :)

You've been the first musician I‘ve recognised checking WL the first time few weeks ago. Listening to your harp I knew, as I told you already elsewhere, that you are the one who will show me the path to the top of the mountains, where I want to be in some years. Thank you for your great doing :)
cool harp :) welcome to wikiloops !+1
July 17 2019 22:48:26
Dropster Thank you for your kind welcome, OliVBee :)
I've just checked your latest track and become immediately one of your followers, as so many others before. Your thumb up and your naming of my harp as a cool one makes me proud and happy. Thanks for that :)
Nice harp Dropster, you got it right, keep it up! Good song, too.+1
July 17 2019 18:50:45
Dropster Thanks, bluesdog. I will. – Yeah, it's a pretty good song. So, I'd just to add what has been there already. Quite heavy guys at that jam too :) +0
nice to have you with us at the loops Dropster and a cool bluesy harp sound you added here :) cool track you guys :)+1
July 17 2019 03:11:46
Dropster I looked at your data. I listened to your music. Is there anything above you, but Christ? :) I can‘t stop listening you. Am I addicted? :W

Shi, je te remercie de ton accueil chaleureux au un nouvel arrivant musicale à votre ronde trés spectaculaire. – Je te remercie aussie avec effusion pour ton compliment de mon timbre de l‘harmonica de blues. – Enfin et surtout, je te remercie sincère de ton pouce en haut. Je m'enorgueillis de ce fait B) Merci beaucoup à toi avec fleurs !

Please, don‘t answer me in french. I had no chance to read it :Y
Nice blues :D+1
July 16 2019 13:22:56
Dropster Hi YOj1k, thank you for your kind compliment and also for the fifth thumb up, brother :D
I've just checked your member-site and listend into your tracks. You're coming up with own Russian songs. That is great stuff, YOj1k! I have put you on my to be followed list B). Please, keep mentioning the key of your tracks. I have your keys, even the Am-key both ways. When my soul turns crazy, I'll step into your tracks, and be assured I'm going to show up then. There is so much in there.:Y
At the moment I am still in my consolidate-yourself-mode. However, that will end, and then I'm coming. My best greetings to Moskvà :)
July 16 2019 15:37:33
YOj1k Thank you, Dropster. I hear the harp first time here, and it sounds good!
Will be glad to hear your additions in my songs :)
Key's are in the basic tracks. All the best to Schaan :D
Great harp add:)+1
July 16 2019 02:57:25
Dropster Hi deezee! What a great surprise! I send you all my best wishes to Manchester B)
Thank you for your nice recognition and also for the fourth thumb up. Don't make me too supercilious. Nevertheless, your kindness helps me to consolidate myself the way I am broadening my abilities. So, I fully trust in your expertise as one of the great remixer in all genres with an audience bigger than a city hall. You make me happy. I'm looking forward to jamming with you in the future :)
:D very cool Dropster, nice harp add man!! :D Welcome aboard.+1
July 15 2019 18:34:23
Dropster Hi Ernie, it has been my joy joining one of your tracks, and you make me pretty pride naming my harp as a cool one, and also giving me the third thump up. I have some more of your tracks on my challenge list to come up with. Your bass as a base makes everything easy :)

I love Canada since I‘ve been there on a canoe trip in the Algonquin area as a boy, and some years ago I solo kayaked from Inuvik to Tuk staying there for some weeks. Seeing your pictures on your site gives me therefore also a quite homey feeling. :)

Thank you for your welcome :)
July 15 2019 18:48:42
Ernie440 Very cool .. I've never been that far north Dropster .. that must have been an amazing kayak run. I just looked up the highway they built (constructed in the winter) going from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk .. OMG it looks amazing!! Never seen it before!

July 15 2019 21:58:54
Dropster Wow, that's exactly the area I've been in. The ice-road exists now for long. A special construction with holes in it, so the water does not break the swinging ice-surface. But off winter, there is no landbased lane to Tuktoyaktuk.

It's a 6h flight from Edmonton to Inuvik. It‘s truly a life time journey.

Where are you living, Ernie? Your pictures show a rural area. That makes me pretty envy. Liechtenstein is also rural, but mountains are differrent to me, as I origin from a flater area in Oberösterreich. Woher kommt Ihr ursprünglich, falls man fragen darf?

Oh, I found a personal picture from Tuk on the web.

This is Eddi Gruben, an inuvaluit of a German father, and one of the biggest entrepreneurs of the Beaufort Sea and the NWT. His family came up building the ice-road.


I met him in his kitchen at his age of 85. He was talking like these men are talking. The ice broke when he passed me a bluesharp asking me to play the Chrismas Gospel, meaning „Silent Night“, as he knew how to play it. I am Austrian, so I played it. And bringing in my own harp we played harp until fish came in to be cleaned.
July 16 2019 01:58:45
Ernie440 Nice recollection and picture ... thanks for that Dropster! A northern Canada harp jam! I'm in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Wouldn't mind going north to do some fishing. +1
July 16 2019 03:28:26
Dropster Nova Scotia sounds also great ... +1
Well done Dropster! Wellcome! :)+1
July 14 2019 16:19:13
Dropster Hi Stef, I was waiting for your comment, as I'm also working on your Wiki Chrismas Boogie following your phrases. It makes me happy that you like it, and your thump up makes me proud. Thank you for your comment and your welcome :) +1
Great add Dropster,like it! wellcome on board!+1
July 14 2019 14:03:38
Dropster Thank you for your welcome on board, fanne, and for your thumb up. Thank you also for your great initial template. It has branched in so many other jam sessions also. It's great to be here. I feel very honoured to jam with you. Thank you also for seeing me as a good add B) +0

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