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This original composition was composed with Cello accompaniment which I am uploading to my Soundcloud today. I thought I would share this with the wonderfully talented loyal Wikiloops Community should they like to play live strings as everyone knows my strings are all just from Logic Pro X using my Roland FA-08 Workstation. Looking forward to hearing the real strings. Sending love, light, peace & music to you all. Kindest Regards Heidi-Marie I finally had a moment ...
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July 19 2019 06:09:57
HeidiMarie Thank you for listening. :)<3:) +1
Beautiful, heartfelt music yet again Heidi Marie :) <3+1
July 19 2019 06:10:55
HeidiMarie Thank you RobM for the lovely comment. I have now uploaded the track with Cello to Soundcloud. The link is in the writeup above should you be interested in listening. Take Care. +0
July 19 2019 06:11:49
Lenny Cowler
HeidiMarie Awesome thanks for the feedback. I have now uploaded the track with Cello to Soundcloud. The link is in the writeup above should you be interested in listening. Take Care. +0
Terrific how ever. Love your musical ideas. <3<3<3+1
July 19 2019 14:55:34
HeidiMarie Thank you for your kind feedback. You may like to join in on this one. <3:) +0
Wonderful Heidi <3+1
July 19 2019 14:56:03
HeidiMarie Thank you for the positive feedback I am glad you enjoyed listening. <3:) +1
March 25 2020 07:56:06
HeidiMarie <3 +1
Love it.+1
March 25 2020 07:56:19
HeidiMarie <3 +1
Really wonderful Heidi !! :) <3 Lovely playing+1
March 25 2020 07:56:51
HeidiMarie <3 thank you +1
Oh my goodness this is beautifull......i've just had a wifi extender put in so i can use my computer upstairs away from the noise of the grandkids....flicked through a few loops and came across this.....i love's so emotional....gonna have a stab at this over the next day or so to try and do it justice...did a rough take on first listening and found it hard to get the words out without welling up(since my fall a few years ago i've become an emotional someones turned a chip on inside my head) anyway i digress...outstandingly beautifull piece of music...<3;)<3+1
March 25 2020 07:57:53
HeidiMarie Wow thank you for your wonderful feedback. It is an emotional ballad and leaves us always thinking what tomorrow will bring. I am so pleased you enjoyed my piano playing as well. <3<3 +0
March 25 2020 07:56:32
HeidiMarie <3 +0

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